Why are there so few electricians in Israel?

A shortage of electricians has created a dilemma for Israelis living in cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and the occupied West Bank.

The number of electrician jobs in Israel has fallen by more than a quarter since 2014, as the number of jobs in the electrician sector shrank, and in many cases, has even fallen.

The Israel Electric Corporation (EAC) has said the shortfall is due to a combination of factors including a gradual shift in the nature of the jobs, and to the need to recruit new technicians.

In 2016, the Israeli government increased the number and salary of the EAC’s apprentice program to $50,000 per year, from $25,000.

The number of apprenticeships has also increased in recent years.

However, there are currently no shortage of qualified technicians in the country.

Despite the government’s efforts, there is still a shortage of people in the industry, with the number being approximately one in 10 of the nation’s jobs.

While the Eac currently estimates there are about 2,000 people in Israel working in the electrical industry, it says the actual number of employed electricians is much higher.

According to the ministry of employment, the number working in electrical engineering and maintenance is about 8,500, and electricians make up the rest of the employment.

According the Eacc, about 4,000 of these electrical workers are currently unemployed, while another 6,000 are actively looking for work.

The Eacc states that it is working on increasing the number to 5,000 electricians, and says it is considering raising the number further if demand continues to grow.

The ministry of education has also recently launched a training program for young people interested in the profession, including students at the Hebrew University.

The government is also developing a comprehensive apprenticeship system to address the needs of young people, including ensuring that they get training in their first years in the field, as well as the skills required for them to get jobs.

It has also announced that it will launch a pilot program to offer free training to students who can prove they have the necessary skills.

The government has also launched an online masters program, with a goal of providing free training for graduates in 2018.

There are currently about 1,400 electricians employed in Israel, but the Eactl has said that there are many more unemployed than this, with up to 1,500 working in jobs that require technical training.

“The Eac does not have enough qualified electricians,” said Yehuda Katz, the Eagler Chair of Industrial and Technological Engineering at Hebrew University’s department of engineering.

“There is a huge gap between the number who are being trained and the number we need to provide a training and apprenticeship to those who are not qualified.”