IGN: The New Cap Program is Coming to Xbox One & PS4!

Posted October 24, 2018 04:24:11 IGN is happy to report that Microsoft has just announced the launch of the Cap Program for Xbox One and PS4.

The Cap Program will allow players to play online games on both Xbox One consoles and PSVRs on PC.

The program, which is currently in Beta, will be available to everyone on Xbox One on October 24.

The Cap Program also includes some new features to its previous iterations on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new with the Cap program:Play Online on Xbox: Players can now play online with friends and family on their Xbox One.

To make this happen, players will need to download the Cap Game Library (CGC) app on both the Xbox One console and the PlayStation 4 console.

If you’ve been waiting to start playing online with your friends, the Cap game library will be installed on both your Xbox One controller and the PS4 controller.

Players will also be able to share game progress between Xbox One’s game library and PS 4’s game libraries.

Play offline: Players will be able play offline using both consoles.

When offline, the cap program will still function as a normal online experience.

Players can now share game credits with friends on both consoles, so you can easily share credits between your PC and PS Vita.

You can even send friends a message to send them money in real time.

The Xbox One cap program is currently available in the following territories: Americas Europe Asia South America Other region-specific announcements are expected soon.

Source: IGN

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