NASA’s Kerbal Space Program, year up program

NASA has announced the launch of its first ever Nurse Residency program, the Kerbal Foundation announced Wednesday.

The program, which launched in May, will offer a new path for people with a passion for space exploration to live and work in a cosmonaut’s home.

“Nurse Residency is a critical step toward providing these people with the education and skills to be astronauts,” said Dr. Jimmie Johnson, the foundation’s executive director.

“With Nurse Residence, NASA has launched a new space program to inspire the next generation of explorers, scientists and engineers to reach their full potential.”

Nursing is a growing field in the space industry.

A new generation of space workers is expected to be trained and supported in a career that includes an active duty role in the military or in the civilian workforce.

In addition to providing training, nurses will receive support from NASA’s Office of Medical Services, including access to NASA training and certification programs, to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest technologies, NASA said.

The Nurses Residency Program will begin in 2018.

Nurses will live and stay in the astronaut’s home for one year, according to NASA.

While the program is open to people from any age, NASA says those interested in becoming a Nurse Resistant must have been accepted to its programs, have a high school diploma, and be eligible to work for NASA for six months.

Nursers must also pass a rigorous physical exam and complete the Nurse Resistance Program Qualification Test.

Those who pass the test will be awarded a $25,000 scholarship to attend a residency program in space, the organization said.

In its announcement, the Foundation said it has raised $5.8 million for the program through crowdfunding, partnerships with other companies, and an initiative called the NNREGA, or New New Innovative Research and Education.

The foundation also said it was partnering with other organizations to launch new nurse-focused initiatives.

For example, it will launch an educational initiative, The Nursers Residency Project, in 2018 aimed at helping nurse educators to develop and improve their skills.

“The Nursers Research and Development Program will help nurse educators identify new nursing-related skills, tools, and research that can help them further their careers and prepare for the challenges of space,” the foundation said.

“Additionally, we will launch the Nurse Research and Training Consortium, which will support new and existing nurses and their training to help develop new approaches to space science, engineering, and operations.”