China warns US against ‘dangerous’ US military action in South China Sea

China has warned the US against “dangerous” US military actions in the South China sea, warning that it may unleash “catastrophic consequences” if Washington continues to ignore Beijing’s territorial claims.

Key points:The US and China have been engaged in a tense standoff over the contested Spratly IslandsIn a rare direct call, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the US and other nations had “failed to uphold their territorial integrity”China is not alone in this concern.

The Trump administration is also deeply concerned over developments in the region, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Monday warning of “danger” and a “danger to peace and stability in the entire region”.US Secretary of Defence James Mattis said the “United States will not hesitate to take the necessary action to defend itself and our allies”.US President Donald Trump speaks at the White House in Washington, DC, on February 13, 2021.

“We will be relentless in defending our sovereignty, our allies, our vital interests and our citizens in the face of the threat of an aggressive China that seeks to undermine our global order and undermine our economic growth,” he said.

In a direct call on Friday to President Xi, Trump told him “we have failed to uphold our territorial integrity”, according to a senior US official.

The officials briefed the Whitehouse, but it is not clear if the call was the first.

It comes after Trump’s visit to Japan on Saturday, where he met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In recent weeks, China has escalated tensions in the disputed South China Seas by deploying military aircraft in waters close to the Philippines.

“It is time for the US to stop its reckless, dangerous behavior,” said the Chinese foreign ministry in a statement on Sunday.

China has been engaged, for years, in a standoff with the Philippines over disputed sovereignty in the contested South China seas.

It has denied allegations of land reclamation and militarisation of the South.

China’s President Xi Jingping (C) meets with US President Donald J Trump at the Oval Office of the WhiteHouse in Washington DC, US, February 13.

China is a staunch US ally, which has a history of supporting US-backed wars in the Middle East and Asia.

China maintains a naval base at Subic Bay, in the Spratlys, which Washington has long said it is defending, and has repeatedly threatened to use force against any nation or group that crosses the disputed sea.

It is also the site of the world’s largest man-made island, Scarborough Shoal, which China claims for its exclusive economic zone.

The United States has repeatedly rejected Beijing’s claims, saying they are not based on “understanding or any legal basis”.

“The Philippines has a sovereign right to peacefully conduct its sovereignty-related activities in the sea of its own choosing,” a spokesman for the Pentagon said.

“The US Government strongly opposes the unilateral actions of the Philippines on the South Chinese Sea and all actions that threaten the peace and security of the region,” the spokesman added.

The Pentagon has repeatedly said that it is prepared to defend the Philippines and its ally, Japan, if it is attacked.

In its annual Defence Report released on Friday, the US Department of Defense said: “The US has an established strategic partnership with Japan, the largest and most powerful nation on the planet.”

The report noted that the US is the second-largest defence supplier in the world, after Australia, and had more than 50,000 troops stationed in Japan.

On Saturday, the Trump administration said that the Philippines was “deeply concerned” about the growing tensions and the growing number of Chinese aircraft and vessels in the waters around the disputed islands.

“As we have seen over the past week, China continues to expand and deepen its military presence in the area of the East China Sea, with multiple military vessels and aircraft, including two Chinese military aircraft, patrolling the Paracel Islands, the Scarborough Shoals, and the East Indian Ocean,” the statement said.

The statement also said that “the United States will be steadfast in defending itself and its allies in the Pacific”.

“In the case of Japan, we will not be deterred from defending itself from any hostile act or attack, and will work together with Japan to maintain peace and tranquillity in the East and South China,” the US official said.

China said on Saturday it would conduct “independent studies” of the reports.

China will “take measures and take all necessary actions” to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity and “to defend against the danger of an aggressor state taking the initiative and attacking,” it added.

A Chinese flag is seen on a military aircraft carrier during a military parade in the western sea city of Tianjin, in China’s Jiangsu province, January 26, 2021, as part of the Diaoyutai celebrations.

The US said it would also consider “other measures to protect our allies and allies”.

“We stand firmly with our allies against the threat and danger posed by China’s aggression and destabilising activities in these

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