When does the new MTV Music Awards start?

The music industry has been in the middle of a major shift in recent years, with many streaming services, digital music stores and record labels switching to ad-supported formats in an effort to capture an audience.

Now that the MTV Music awards are set to kick off this Friday, there’s a growing sense of uncertainty as to what will happen next.

But the question of whether the new format will truly replace traditional awards shows is less of a concern, because there’s now a consensus among industry experts that the industry is in a good place to move forward.

“The new format really has everything that traditional awards are going to be, which is a lot of live music, plus a lot more than traditional awards,” said Dan Zappulla, CEO of the music business analysis firm Music Industry Association.

“So you’re going to have a lot that’s a little more interactive, a little bit more interactive and less about awards.”

And there’s already been a ton of excitement surrounding the new awards format, which has the potential to take the music industry one step closer to becoming a global streaming service.”MTV is the only place that’s actually going to get the same kind of live event that we get now, so that’s something that’s going to really appeal to a lot,” said Kevin Siegel, CEO and founder of Zappula, adding that he’s excited to see the format “being embraced by fans around the world.”

The MTV Music program is expected to start airing on Saturday, February 19, with the first four awards live streamed live on the site and streamed on MTV News.

The network’s first new awards show since the last award ceremony, in 2009, was attended by nearly 30 million viewers.

Last year, MTV launched the MTVU program that has brought together a broad range of artists to host a series of concerts.

That program was widely criticized for being too expensive, and a year later the network announced that it would no longer pay the producers of the event.

“It was really the first time in history where we had this type of a collaboration and the first step toward realizing that it’s actually a better business model,” said David Kesten, CEO at Zappuli, referring to MTVU.

“I think the MTV U program will have a positive impact on the industry overall.”MTV has already hosted a variety of music events, from live performances to music videos, and the company is expected again this year to have live concerts that range from the traditional Grammy awards to other award shows.

“This is going to give us a chance to be more interactive with our audiences, and also to showcase the work of the artists in front of us,” said Zappura.

“It’s going do a lot for the industry as a whole.”

The awards will also be streamed live and can be viewed by anyone in the United States.

But unlike traditional awards, which are typically broadcast on television, this year MTV is also streaming the awards online, which means that the network can also offer a streaming service that offers the same experience as traditional awards broadcasts.

“I think it’s going a lot farther in that direction, and it’s also a huge step forward,” said Siegel.

“There’s not a lot out there right now, but it’s kind of an exciting time to be in the music community.”

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.”

We’ve been in a really good place for a long time and now it’s time to make it a lot better.”

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.