What you need to know about the B.C. Summer School program

2:55 The B.A.S.

Program has been operating in B.P. for nearly three decades.

Its mission is to teach students how to make good decisions about their lives and the future.

In the first year, students spend a summer working with local businesses, participating in community events and learning about local businesses.

The program also teaches students to build strong relationships and become involved in community activities.

Here are the key elements of the program: How do I apply?

You can apply online.

How long do I have to apply?

The application period is four months long.

You must be enrolled in the program and have a high school diploma or GED.

What if I don’t have a GED or diploma?

You may be able to complete the BSB in the first two years if you meet the following criteria: You are a Canadian citizen.

You are not in need of a visa or citizenship.

You live in B-1 status and have lived in Canada for three years.

You have a B.S., M.

S or Ph.

D. degree.

You will not be offered admission.

What are the minimum requirements?

The BSB is designed for students who have a strong work ethic and have strong relationships.

Students must also be interested in pursuing a career in a creative field.

Students also must have a general knowledge of economics, science, business, and technology.

Students are required to take a full-time course on the topics of their choice, and must have written, oral or video-based teaching experience.

What about international students?

Students must be able and willing to work full- and part-time in the B-2 program, and will need to demonstrate their English fluency.

How do the program’s programs compare?

BSB programs are run in a variety of ways: Students work on a team, working on projects to support the local economy, businesses, and the communities in which they live.

Students participate in community projects.

They are given guidance on business and financial decisions, and help local businesses and businesses in their communities.

They also attend local events and social events, such as birthday parties, concerts and other social events.

For example, they will meet with businesses and attend the opening of local businesses that serve the community.

Students will also attend community events such as art, crafts and crafts fairs.

Students may also attend volunteer opportunities, such in a community service program, community outreach, or on an internship.

Students can also work remotely for the summer.

For instance, they can work as a part-timer for a day or two.

What will I learn from the BBS?

The students are learning the basics of the business world.

They learn how to create good business decisions and develop strong connections to local business owners.

They can also build relationships with local business and community members.

Students gain an understanding of the benefits of living in the province, such from job opportunities and job growth.

What other types of programs exist in the Vancouver area?

In Victoria, the Bbsn program offers classes at a number of locations.

For more information, visit Bbsnb.ca.

For students in British Columbia, the Summer School in Surrey offers a summer program.

For information about other programs in the region, see the Vancouver and Fraser Valley Summer Schools.

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