How a documentary can help fight hate in America

ESPN Crizzly 2: Hate, Hate, and the new ‘The Interview’ will be the first documentary to be released by the anti-hate organization ADL and will be available for streaming exclusively to subscribers on Monday, September 14.

The film’s release comes amid a wave of hate-related shootings across the United States.

In January, the University of California at Berkeley, a historically black college, hosted the first major event dedicated to the shooting of an African American, an act that sparked an intense national debate and backlash.

That year, the FBI released the findings of a survey that found a majority of Americans agree that people with African descent should not be allowed to vote.

The ADL is a national, nonprofit civil rights and human rights organization dedicated to ending hate and bigotry in all its forms.

The group’s mission is to advance a vision of America in which all people are valued and protected, and where everyone is free to live according to their unique talents, abilities, and dignity.

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