How Georgia Dream Works: A Guide to the Top 20 Accelerated BSN Programs

How Georgia Dreams is a Georgia Dream Program guide for parents of students who are eligible for accelerated bsn in the state. 

Accelerated programs typically allow parents to earn a state-issued bsn card or be reimbursed for the cost of a full day’s tuition at a Georgia college or university.

Parents are also eligible for state-sponsored scholarships for children attending college in the Atlanta metro area. 

The Georgia Dream program was created to help families with the cost and logistics of acquiring their children’s bsn cards.

The program is available to parents who have been eligible for the program for at least five years, and it is open to parents of all ages. 

How Georgia Dream worksThe Georgia Dreams program was launched in 2009 to provide families with additional flexibility and support when it comes to their child’s bsna.

The state is looking for families to help it transition their children into accelerated programs and to help them qualify for the Georgia Dream Scholarship. 

According to the state, there are about 6.6 million bsn recipients in Georgia.

The number of students eligible for Georgia Dream is up from about 1.6 Million in 2012, according to the Department of Education. 

If you are an eligible family, it’s important to contact the Georgia Department of Transportation to make sure your bsn is ready to go. 

 The program is currently accepting applications. 

For more information on Georgia Dream, visit 

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