Apple says it has signed an agreement to acquire video-calling software maker Vivaldi for $400m

Posted September 14, 2019 11:31:14Apple’s deal with Vivaldi to acquire the company that developed the video-calling software that powers the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch will close in the second half of 2019, the company said in a statement on Monday.

The deal, which is the first of its kind, follows the acquisition of video-conferencing service WhatsApp in September.

Apple is also buying video-chat software maker Aptoide for $360m.

Vivaldi is expected to be acquired by Apple, along with video-hosting startup InMobi.

Apple’s acquisition of Vivaldi marks the first time Apple has acquired a technology company from outside of the smartphone and home entertainment industries.

It comes as Apple continues to expand its video- and voice-recognition capabilities for Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Vivaldi was originally developed for Google’s Android platform and was used on smartphones by more than 100 million people in 2016, according to research firm IDC.

The company was acquired in March by a group of Google-owned companies including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

Virtually every major company in the video and video-conference industry uses Vivaldi, according the company.

Videoconferencing is one of the main uses of Vivadi and its video chat app.

The acquisition of a video-cancelling technology company that offers free voice-over-IP, voice-to-text and voice recognition services to the public, and a company that has worked on a mobile video-to, voice and video app for the iPhone and iPad has the potential to change the way consumers access and use video-conversation services, said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive.

Apple will use Vivaldi’s video-and-video chat platform to offer video conferences and online chats for people who want to get in touch with family, friends, co-workers or loved ones, and to help people make online videos and photos.

The Vivaldi video-sharing app will also offer the ability to make and share video and audio clips directly on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches, Apple said.

In a blog post announcing the Vivaldi deal, Cook wrote: “It is a great opportunity to build a better world for the billions of people who are already watching their favorite shows and movies and using them on Apple devices, all at zero cost.”

He said the Vivadi deal will also help Apple “build a new way to connect and interact with people across the globe.”

Vivadi will become a division of Vivado, a Spanish telecommunications company, which will take over the company’s business of selling video-phone call services, according Vivado’s website.

The Vivaldi acquisition was announced by Vivado CEO Antonio Carvalho in a blog.

The deal is subject to customary closing conditions and approvals.

Vive and Vivaldi were founded in 2005 and have a combined market cap of more than $2 billion, according data from market research firm Gartner.

The company is headquartered in Valencia, Spain.

Apple has been a major player in the mobile video industry, acquiring several video-services companies and creating its own streaming video service.

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