Apple is giving $1 million to the recycling program that’s helping to help people recover from the ransomware threat

Apple is offering a $1.5 million cash incentive to organisations to help them recover from ransomware threats that hit the Australian financial sector.

The cash award comes from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and will help organisations recover from cyber attacks that hit their data centres and cloud computing infrastructure.

Apple has previously said it was also offering $5 million in cash assistance to help organisations deal with the ransomware problem.

The Australian Financial Services Union (AFSU) said the cash award was an important step forward for organisations.

“It shows Apple is serious about its response to the ransomware situation, which has been exacerbated by the ATO’s decision to award the Australian Government $1,000 million,” the AFSU said in a statement.

Apple said in October that it had “expressed a preference for the Australian tax authorities to reimburse organisations for the cost of their efforts to recover from these ransomware threats”.

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