The biggest scam in Australia? The best health-care scam ever

Posted June 11, 2018 17:29:13 The Australian government’s health scam, which has seen its cost spiral out of control, is the biggest ever, according to a new report.

The study by Australia’s leading health economist, Dr Robert Thompson, found that the Medicare levy on the highest earners of a country is one of the largest health-insurance scams ever.

The Australian Medical Association’s executive officer Dr Robert Hockenberry said that this could be seen as a “significant achievement” because the Medicare levies were “not being collected”.

“The Medicare levy has been used to raise an enormous amount of money in Australia,” Dr Hockensberry said.

“It has been a big, big moneymaker.”

“This means that Medicare is getting less money for people.”

The study’s author, Dr Thompson, said that although the Medicare charges were not paid by Australians, the scheme was “not an appropriate mechanism for funding health services”.

“If we were paying a tax, or other form of income, then there would be a better mechanism that would give Australians a greater share of the cost of healthcare,” Dr Thompson said.

Medicare levy scheme Australia’s top earners are more likely to be covered under the Medicare Levy Scheme, with the levy on earners earning more than $150,000, $200,000 and $400,000 per year.

“The levy is a big chunk of the total costs of Medicare and this is something that the government and the public should be looking at,” Dr Bob Hockenson, a former chief economist at the Australian Tax Office, said.

The scheme was set up in 2001 to help cover the costs of health-related costs.

Australia’s highest earners The study, which looked at the number of people who were eligible for Medicare, showed that the number was higher than previously thought.

The number of Medicare beneficiaries with the highest incomes increased from 13.9 per cent in 2017 to 20.3 per cent the following year.

But the total amount paid out to the highest-earning people was still just $6.5 billion in 2017-18, a drop of about $5 billion.

“There are still a lot of people with a lot more than they think they are,” Dr James Tully, the former CEO of the Medicare Advisory Council, said of the high number of beneficiaries who had made payments under the scheme.

The highest earners were: The top 10 earners The top 15 earners The 10 highest earners in the top 20 earners The ten highest earners the top 10 lowest earners The first five highest earners In total, there were 15.4 million beneficiaries in 2017.

That represented a drop from the 16.5 million in 2017, the first year the scheme went into effect.

However, the government has since begun to collect the money that has been deposited in the scheme, as well as the money collected in the past few years.

“I think it is clear that Medicare has not had any money collected from the levy for quite some time,” Dr Tully said.

But, he added, the Government could make it easier for people to pay back their taxes by creating a system that would automatically transfer Medicare levy payments to a tax-free savings account.

“They could then put that money into an account that people could use when they had time,” he said.

Dr Hocking, who is also an economist at ANU, said the scheme could help reduce costs by giving people the option of making tax-deferred payments to cover the cost.

“If you do that, then you would be putting money back into the system and not just in the system you are receiving it from, but you would not have to be taxed at all,” he told ABC Radio National’s Breakfast.

“In other words, you would have the option to make tax-deductible payments.”

The scheme has also been criticised for a lack of transparency.

“This is a scheme that’s not open to scrutiny, it’s not publicly accessible,” Dr Robert Mowbray, professor of economics at the University of Sydney, said in a report published by the Australian Council of Social Service.

“You don’t know who is receiving the payments, you don’t have any way of knowing whether you are eligible for any of those payments or not.”

Dr Thompson’s report, which was published on Thursday, also criticised the way the Medicare scheme has been administered.

“These are not incentives for people, they’re not incentives to work, they are incentives to spend,” he wrote.

“Some of the people who have been paying for the scheme for quite a while may not realise that they are being subsidised.”

It is estimated that the scheme has cost taxpayers $8.6 billion in tax and benefit payments.

However that was only because the Government had to collect Medicare levy from the first $10,000 of income.

“So we are paying for a scheme which has produced no benefits,”

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