‘This is how you get your kids to be smarter’ – Silver Shoes program

If you’ve been thinking of turning to silver sneakers, here’s how to do it.

The programme aims to equip young people to look after their own health by encouraging them to wear the latest and greatest technology in their own home.

It’s called the ‘Smart Silver Shoes’ programme, and it’s launched on the same day as the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

It is designed to give children, aged between three and 17, a glimpse into the future of health, and is the brainchild of Dr Paul Breen, chief executive of the British Heart Foundation.

“The silver shoes will help young people realise the future and have a say in what they wear, rather than just having the expectation that they’re going to get them,” Dr Breen told BBC News.

The program is based on the ‘Silver Shoes’ app, which has been downloaded more than 4 million times.

“It’s not just a new device for young people, it’s an opportunity to give kids a chance to see how technology can help their health, too,” he said.

“They’ll be challenged to go through the steps to make their own shoes, but it will be their responsibility to keep them safe, to protect themselves from the elements, and ultimately to be able to live healthy lives.”

The Silver Shoes are available in a range of colours, from a navy blue to a silver, which can be chosen to match the outfit of the child.

The app will have all the latest technology from Samsung, Apple and Microsoft to help the child make their first purchase.

“Parents have to be part of this too,” Dr Brown said.

He added that the programme was designed to encourage young people not just to be smart, but to make the most of their opportunities to do so.

“This is not just about wearing new technology, it is about being innovative and being self-confident,” Dr Martin said.’

I’m tired of waiting’Silver Shoes can also be used as a tool for children to understand their physical needs, as well as providing guidance on diet, exercise and personal hygiene.

“We are using these new technology as a way to make young people aware of what is normal and what isn’t normal and to understand what can be normal,” Dr Dr Breslin said.

There’s a range to choose from, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, which comes in a silver version and a silver edition, as does the Apple Watch Series 4.

The kids can also opt for the Apple EarPod, which features a speaker, microphone and a touch screen.

“There is also a smart ring for children, which is very much like the Apple earpod,” Dr Melinda Rivetti, Head of the Head and Neck Health Centre at Royal Derby Hospital, said. 

“The children will be able take their earrings with them to work and to the office, which will help them to recognise things in their daily life.”

It’s a new idea for children with disabilities, who often struggle to keep up with the latest gadgets.

Dr Breslins advice was that parents should “not be afraid to ask questions” as a child grows up.

“Ask questions about how to use the technology, how to make sure you’re comfortable with it, and what the best way is for them to be wearing the shoes,” he added.

“I think this is really about giving kids a sense of freedom and being able to make decisions for themselves.” 

“I am tired of asking questions, so I am hoping that the kids will be encouraged to ask the same questions that they do now.”


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