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Adobe Home has been on a roll lately, introducing the first-ever personalized workout program to help you get the most out of your time.

It’s now available in the US and Canada, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

The program, which offers a wide variety of workouts from your favorite games and activities, has been designed to provide you with the most effective ways to work out.

The goal is to get you into the zone, but also get you to focus on your own health, which is essential if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how to start.


Create an account.

Once you have registered with Adobe, you’ll be able to add any of the workout apps from its popular fitness and sport apps like Runkeeper, Nike Fuel, and more.

You’ll also be able download a free trial from the Adobe app store.

The trial will include a handful of workouts for free, but you can also sign up for an Adobe Premium subscription to gain access to the full suite.


Set up the workout.

Choose your workouts by type, like a run or yoga, or by duration.

Each type of workout has its own unique design.

For example, if you’re looking to work on endurance, you might choose a sprint workout or an agility workout.


Choose the type of workouts.

For a more personalized workout, choose the activity type that you want the most from your daily routine.

For instance, you may choose a cardio workout to get your heart rate up, or an aerobics workout to help keep you fit.

Choose from more than 30 different workouts for each type of exercise, and you can add as many workouts as you want for as little as $2 per month.


Select your daily workouts.

You can choose to do them at home or while on the go.

In fact, you can even set up an automated workout timer, which will give you the most targeted workout options and provide you reminders to complete them.


Track your progress.

Every workout will sync to your daily activity log, and the workout will track your progress throughout the day.

You may also add your workouts to the list of your daily fitness goals.

For this, you will be able tap the number at the top of the screen, which lets you view your daily progress.


Schedule your workout.

Once the workout is complete, you simply tap the red star icon next to the workout you’ve completed, and a notification will appear in your notifications section.

The reminder will say when the workout has ended.


Record your progress with Adobe’s Health Log feature.

You will be alerted to any changes to your workout log during the next workout, and your workout history will also be recorded and saved on the computer.


Use the Adobe Health Log to monitor your progress on the program.

This feature will allow you to log your workouts, and see how you’re performing.

You are able to choose to have a health coach present during your workout and receive feedback from them.

The health coach can then make suggestions to improve your workout, such as how to make sure you are getting enough rest or avoiding a bad meal.


Use your workout statistics.

You’re able to view your progress over time and compare your personal bests against other users, as long as you’re logged into the same account as your trainer.

To view your results, tap the icon next for “Recent Stats”.


Share your progress online.

You have the ability to share your workout progress online, as you can view it in your profile or send it to a contact.


Track and analyze your results.

You get personalized notifications whenever you complete a workout or make a change to your personal workout routine, such the number of steps you completed, how many calories you burned, and how long you spent doing each exercise.

If you have any questions, the full version of the program is available to download from the app store or via a free 30-day trial.


Make your own personalized workout plan.

For every workout you complete, Adobe will log the amount of calories you consumed, how long it took you to complete the exercise, how far you walked, and other details.

This information is used to create personalized workouts for you, which can then be shared with other people.


Track workouts and stats on your calendar.

You now have a way to view and track your personal progress, as shown in the chart above.


Use multiple apps for the same workout.

You no longer have to choose only one app to be able track your workout because Adobe has partnered with Play.

You also have the option to combine multiple apps and share your workouts.


Compare your personal goals.

You don’t have to use an app to compare your fitness goals against other people’s fitness goals to achieve your goals.

This is useful if you are worried about whether your goals are

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