How to get the most out of shared work programs

SharePoint 2010 includes a new shared work program called SharePoint SharePoint Works, which lets you share a file or share a document on the web with up to 50 colleagues from within the same SharePoint site.

But it’s a very limited version of SharePointWorks, and its features are limited at best. 

Here’s how to set it up and get the best out of it. 

The SharePointShareWork program allows you to: Share a document with 50 other SharePoint users on the same website or a single SharePoint web page Share files with up and down arrows, with an icon showing when you’re in progress, and with a link to the file or document you want to share. 

Share documents with other SharePoints users in the same web site. 

Send emails, text messages, and files through the web or email client of your choice. 

Open a file with any SharePoint program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and share it in SharePoint, including as a file in the file folder or in the folder that’s created. 

Create folders and files in the SharePoint folder. 

Import files into the Sharepoint folder, including from other SharePrograms. 

Export files from the ShareProgram to your local drive. 

Add the document to the SharePoints work collection. 

Select a document or file to share and then choose a link or URL. 

After a user has selected a link, a window pops up to send a message to the user.

The user can click the link to send the message to their colleague, or the link can be a link sent to the person in the group. 

Users can also select a file to send to their colleagues, including a link for that file to be sent to their own folder, or a folder.

This allows you, for example, to send your SharePoint files to your colleague or your friend’s inbox. 

When you send the file, the file opens in your browser, so you can share that file from your browser and then from your own computer.

If you send a file from one computer to another, it must be in the local folder of the first computer. 

If you want, you can also send files through an email client like Outlook or Gmail, but these clients won’t open the file in your local folder, so it won’t show up in the document viewer. 

It’s important to note that if you send files from one SharePoint work collection to another SharePoint group, the folders and file paths will be different.

So, if you have two separate Work Groups in your site, the files you send will have different folders and folder paths. 

Once you’re connected to the same site, you’ll have the same folder paths, but the files that are opened by your colleague will have their paths changed to the folder paths of the other group.

If, for some reason, you’re not able to use SharePoint in the organization, you may need to create a new SharePoint share for that project, such as a shared folder.

Here’s how. 

First, open SharePoint to create the SharePaths file. 

You’ll need to choose the folder for your new SharePath.

If the folder doesn’t exist, then the folder you select won’t be automatically created.

You’ll need a valid path to the document that you want shared. 

In this example, I chose the document file folder, but you can choose any folder.

I chose to create two SharePath files, one for my personal folder and another for the group that I’m in. 

Now, open the SharePaint program. 

Next, open up the SharePanel. 

This is where you can open a document from your SharePaints file, or select a document to open in your SharePoints browser. 

Click on the “SharePoint Share” link. 

A window will pop up, and you’ll be prompted to select a link.

If there’s no link, you won’t see any work sharing.

If no link is given, the program won’t create the document. 

From here, you choose a file name, or choose an option that looks like a folder, and the program will open the document in your document viewer, or open the work collection file in a folder on your computer.

You can save and save as many files as you want. 

For example, you could save the file to a folder and save the document inside the folder.

If your documents are large, you might want to save the whole file to your web server.

If it’s smaller, then you might save the first file to the web server and save a second file to Dropbox. 

Note: if you’re using SharePoint for work, then this will be the same for everyone. 

Lastly, you select an icon, and a window will open to

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