How to find a job in the tech sector

In Ireland, technology jobs have long been a magnet for young people looking for work in the booming technology sector.

A year ago, a report by Dublin-based startup KPMG found that nearly half of young Irish workers were in technology jobs, with some employers offering jobs that pay well above the national minimum wage.

The numbers are even higher in Cork, where young people account for more than half of the population.

The number of young people in tech jobs in Ireland is growing, but the proportion is growing at a slower pace.

The KPMg report, which focused on jobs in technology companies, found that in 2015-16, about 16 per cent of Irish tech workers were aged between 18 and 24, compared to about 12 per cent nationally.

The growth is driven by the growth of tech companies in Cork and other cities.KPMG said that the number of Irish students in the industry in 2015 stood at 5.5 per cent, compared with 6.1 per cent in the rest of the country.

It added that more than 90 per cent were female.

Kaspersky Lab, the cyber security firm, is looking to recruit in Cork.

It is working with KPM and the Cork Enterprise Council to bring in young talent.

The firm is offering a five-year internship in Dublin.

Kaspersky said it was the first such internship in Cork for a company in its 35-year history.

The Cork Enterprise council said the company was looking to attract the talent with a variety of career opportunities.

“This internship is designed to give our young people a taste of life in the City of Cork and to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and to demonstrate their skills and experience,” said Michael McGovern, council executive.

Kosovlens Kasperski, a research firm, said that a big reason for the growing trend was the rise of mobile devices and social media.

“Technology is increasingly becoming a key part of our lives, and it is becoming increasingly important for the success of the next generation,” Kosovlins Kaspersko’s president, Vadim Kuzmin, said in a statement.

“This internship will help the young people develop their networking and technical skills and will give them an opportunity to work closely with senior staff.”

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