Nurse anesthetics and surgery programs are a good choice for children, says expert

A new report from the University of New South Wales suggests that nursery and anesthetic anesthesia programs may be a good place to start for children as young as six years old.

The report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said that nursery programs could be an excellent choice for younger children.

“Nursing anesthetic programs provide parents with access to anesthetics that are effective for their children, and programs can help children learn about their bodies and the world around them,” Dr. Jamey Odom, a paediatric surgeon at the University’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, said in a statement.

More specifically, the report looked at programs that had been developed for children between the ages of six and 12 years old, or those that had received a minimum of five years of clinical experience.

These programs were chosen for the study because they had proven to be effective for young children in clinical settings and could be scaled up or scaled down to suit the needs of a particular family.

Dr. Odom said that the programs were generally delivered in a very safe environment, and that they provided a variety of options for families.

While there were no specific recommendations on what programs were suitable for older children, there was one caveat.

Children younger than six years should only be considered for programs that are supervised by a licensed nurse anestherist.

As well, programs that have been designed to provide a range of options should be reviewed as children develop their own preferences for anesthetic treatments, Dr. Odeon said.

Dr. David Paddon, who heads the Child Psychology Program at the Royal Children’s Hospital, said it was a positive sign that many of the programs offered in nurseries and anesthetic anesthesia centers had shown promise.

It could be a matter of when and not if, he said.

“In the short term, it’s good that parents are choosing the programs that they think will be best for their child, but it’s also important that they’re able to manage their expectations in terms of what the programs are like for younger kids,” Dr Paddon said.

“We want parents to be able to have the flexibility to have their children attend these programs and then adjust their expectations and be ready to go if things don’t go well.”

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