Programming socks program to pay rent relief to homeless, pensioners–homeless-pensioners/programs-sneakers-and-ponchos-are-now-a-new-feature-of-australian-dancehall-bar-programs/ The Melbourne Dancers & Ponchos are finally getting a little love in Australia’s music scene.

The Dancehall Bar program, launched on Tuesday, has been a success for the Melbourne Dances and Ponchops.

The program will provide up to $400 per week for the dancers and dancers’ parents and is intended to help pay for rent, utilities, food, clothing, transportation and even to rent out their room to other local clubs.

“I’m happy to see the program continue, we’re very happy,” Melbourne Dancer and Dancehall Club owner, Chris Waugh said.

“We’ve had a lot of great feedback, and it’s been a very positive experience.

It’s been great to have some more people know about the program.””

The program was so important, we had to make it as affordable as possible, so we wanted to keep the costs down and make it fun for all,” said Dancehall Ballroom owner, Jodie Cockerill.”

It’s a great way to give back to the community.”

Program manager, Simon Taylor said the program was about sharing a social cause, and was about giving back to Melbourne’s music community.

“When you hear the name Melbourne Dancing, you can imagine the happiness that it brings to everyone that’s a part of the community,” he said.”[We’re] always happy to have someone come and work with us to promote the dance industry.”

Every week we’ve had more dancers and patrons come out and show their support for us.””

They are our friends, they are our family and we want to be able to give them the best experience that we can,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said Melbourne’s Dancehall Bars were one of the only places in Australia where people could come together and have a great time, and the dance club was one of those places.”

People can come and play, they can have a little bit of fun, and then we’ll have a drink, they’ll have something to eat and then they can go back home,” he added.”

The social aspect, and also being able to do it on a budget, that’s really important to us.

“Mr Taylor hopes the Dancehall Program will continue to grow.”

There’s no question that Melbourne is the most vibrant dance scene in Australia and we’re really lucky to have so many clubs here,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

A lot of clubs have been struggling for years, and they are all struggling now and we know it’s because of our dance program.

“And so we want it to continue and continue to be a big part of our culture.”

The Dancehalls Melbourne program was launched by the Dancehills Melbourne club, and is part of their social entrepreneurship program.

The Melbourne Dancehall Clubs program aims to create opportunities for local businesses and individuals to help people, and encourage people to take part in the Melbourne Dancehallyns social entrepreneurship programme.

It aims to bring in up to 20 businesses, up to 500 local residents and 50,000 people into Melbourne’s dance community, and supports businesses to take responsibility for their social impact, said the Dance Halls Melbourne program.


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