How to be a better parent in Australia

Part-time student Sarah Hensley-Brown will join her father in a new online school program that aims to teach children how to make the world a better place.

The program, entitled Life in Transition, will be a one-year pilot project.

Sarah will work with her father and a team of volunteers to provide the curriculum, with the aim of increasing positive attitudes and positive social interactions among her young peers.

“It’s a learning experience for the kids, and a chance to get to know each other,” Sarah said.

It’s an opportunity to get the community on board with the idea that we want to give kids the tools to be positive.

We want them to be the people who change the world.””

Part-time, full-time school is really the best option for young people who are trying to make it in this world,” Sarah told

She’s also a part of the Pupil Care Work Sharing Program, which aims to provide students with access to work-sharing programs for the duration of their studies.

With this in mind, Sarah said she was excited to learn about a new program that would allow her to continue to live the life she loves while taking part in a full-fledged program.”

It sounds so nice, but it’s not like I’m going to be getting paid for it,” she said.

Sarah and her father, Peter, started the program with a goal to help children grow up to be better parents and leaders.”

I want to be able to help my kids with what they are learning in life,” Sarah explained.

This is the first time Sarah and her dad have been able to take part in such a program.

Her dad has been working on this for years, and the program is being developed with his support.

To support the program, Sarah will work in a part-time position as a tutor.

At the same time, she will also be volunteering to help with the school day.”

For the first couple of years, I’ll be the tutor,” Sarah promised.

In the coming weeks, the program will begin offering full-day kindergarten to 12-year-olds, which Sarah said will be great for her family.

“I’ve seen a lot in my time here that I’m really proud of, and this is something I can be a part, too.””

I’ve been working as a volunteer for three years now, and I’ve had a lot of experiences to share,” he said.

“I’ve seen a lot in my time here that I’m really proud of, and this is something I can be a part, too.”

Peter said he wanted to provide his children with the tools they needed to get ahead.

“What I’ve been really interested in doing with them is to help them understand that life can be really difficult at times,” he explained.

“If you’re struggling, and you’re not doing well, just remember that the good things are in the future, the bad things are always ahead of us.”

That’s what I try to tell my kids, is that the things that you can’t change can’t really be changed.

It’s always going to happen, you just have to deal with it and make the most of it.””

When you’re really in the thick of things, you might not think that it’s possible to change anything, but just keep trying,” Peter said.”

But you’ll see the things you can do change, you’ll be a lot better off, and that’s what we’re here to teach kids.

“Sarah said she hopes to have the program up and running within the next two months.

Like her father before her, she’s excited to see how the program changes her life.”

Life isn’t always going according to plan, and sometimes it can be hard, but I think that’s how it is,” Sarah revealed.

More to come.


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