Apple’s $7.9 billion acquisition of Mediagenics is a great deal for consumers, but it’s a big mistake for the company

Apple’s acquisition of the maker of a diagnostic test that can diagnose brain tumors was seen as a game-changer for consumers who want a better way to manage their health.

The deal also represents a major shift for Apple, which has long focused on its mobile devices.

The acquisition will allow the company to tap into a $70 billion market in diagnostics, a market that has grown exponentially in recent years and is now expected to grow to $80 billion by 2021.

The Apple deal comes at a time when many companies are struggling to grow their revenue.

The rise of the cloud has pushed up costs for companies, and a combination of low-cost smartphones, big data and data analytics are all factors that have caused many companies to shrink their sales.

Mediagens tests are a prime example of this shift, but the Apple deal is also a significant step forward for Apple.

The company’s products can be customized to diagnose specific diseases.

But the company’s primary goal in developing the product was to make it easier for consumers to make informed decisions about their health, according to Mediaga CEO Dan Daley.

Daley said the Apple acquisition will improve Apple’s ability to reach consumers, and he called it a “game-changers for us.”

Mediago’s test, called Mapp, was initially designed to be used by a team of doctors who were performing surgery on a patient.

The test can then be used to find brain tumors and other conditions in patients who are being treated with chemotherapy or radiation.

The Mediagos test has a large number of options, including a visualized test, a voice recognition test and a blood test.

But when the company was in talks with Mediags partners, Apple was initially interested in developing a test for people who wanted to get their health tested remotely, according Daley, who previously worked at Google and Microsoft.

“Apple really got excited about this,” Daley told Business Insider.

“We talked about using this technology in our own research, but we were just a little bit nervous about the price and the logistics of it all.”

In the past, Mediaggi had said it would only be able to sell a small number of its tests, but that the iPhone 7 was the “bigger opportunity” for the firm.

It will now have access to more than 2 million customers and will have access “to a lot of other markets,” Dales said.

Apple also has an exclusive licensing deal with Medagens, meaning Mediagon can use its tests on devices sold by MediAGens, and it can also license its diagnostic tests for commercial use, according Mediagar.

“The iPhone 7 has been a huge hit,” said Daley of the iPhone.

“People have been wanting to buy the iPhone for a long time.”

In its most recent quarterly results, Apple said the iPhone sold 8.9 million units worldwide in its fiscal third quarter.

The iPhone 7 is also Apple’s biggest selling phone ever.

And Mediagra is now the largest test provider in the U.S., according to the company.

The new iPhones are expected to be available for preorder on January 19.

“This is going to be an exciting time for Mediagnostics,” Dali told Business Insights.

“Mediagins is going into an entirely new market and we have to be ready.”

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