When the Kithmays come home: The first thing to do when your kithmay arrives

KithMonday program is a program that helps families in need.

It provides information and support for people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and child abuse.

The program runs for one month, from May to September, and is funded by the Australian Government.

For those who are unable to access Kith Monday program, the ABC has created a tool that allows people to find resources and support locally.

We want you to be aware of the resources available to you and to seek help if you are experiencing homelessness or abuse.

It’s a safe and reliable resource.

This is a short video that shows the Kiths family on a walk to help support their children in their transition to independent living.

The family are all living in the family home and living in a local community, which is a safe environment.ABC TV is the official broadcaster of Kith Sunday.

KithMornings is broadcast by the ABC.

For more ABC News stories, go to abc.net.au/kith or go to ABC News

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