How to get your children to stay healthier

It was a week after the birth of my firstborn daughter, a beautiful girl with the same name and the same curly hair, and I was walking down the street, and my daughter’s father was talking about how the next baby is going to have her hair cut and how she can’t have that hair for a long time.

And I thought to myself, This is the best mother I’ve ever had.

I mean, the best.

And so that’s how I began to teach my son to speak the same language and understand the same concepts as his mother, so that he’d be able to understand the concepts.

And as I began working on the speech and comprehension skills, I realized that I couldn’t just be a mom to my son.

I was an interpreter, too.

I had to be able communicate in a way that was meaningful and understood by his mother.

I wanted to help him communicate in ways that were meaningful to her, and that meant teaching him to speak to me in a language that was his own, so he’d understand the meaning of words that I was saying.

And that meant that I had no choice but to start learning languages.

I went to languages, to different languages, different ways of doing things.

And then after a while, I started to get to know my son in a different way, and by the end of it, I had a child who could speak to the world in ways I could never have understood.

When I got to the point that I could not teach him a language, I knew that the language was his, and so that was what motivated me to get involved in language learning.

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