The new president of the American Dental Association is a woman, and she’s the most important woman in the world — Recode (@recode) February 24, 2021 The first woman to hold the title of president of an American dental association is a person of color, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The newly-elected president of a leading dental program in the country has become the most powerful person in the dental world, and a woman of color in her own right.

This woman of colour is not just a doctor or an administrator, but a member of the dental profession, a woman who has been in the field for decades and who has her own vision for how to lead.

We’re talking about a woman with a proven record of leadership in a diverse field of dentistry.

And now, this woman of Color has become President of the Dental Health Association of the United States.

There is no question about it, the president of DHA is a remarkable person, one whose leadership is not only rooted in her personal experience but also rooted in the legacy of her father.

She has served as chair of the national board of DBA, she was instrumental in establishing the association, she led the effort to get the association on the ballot, she made history in 2018 when she became the first woman of Asian descent to become the president and chair of DSA, and most recently she is the president-elect of the organization.

She is a tireless advocate for dental care and a champion for dental students, who are increasingly underrepresented in our profession.

As the chair of an organization that has long championed equality and inclusion, she is uniquely qualified to serve as the first Asian-American to lead the association.

She’s a leader.

She understands the power of leadership, and her leadership skills will shine through in this new position, where she will have the opportunity to work with the DHA board, as well as with her father, who has led DBA for nearly 30 years.

It will be a privilege to serve this incredible community and to work for a DHA that represents all Americans, from all backgrounds and across the country.

Now, the rest of us must continue to grow as a community and grow in the knowledge that, as a DBA board member, I can make a difference.

In addition to her leadership role, DHA will also be working to build a more diverse dental workforce and improve the state of the profession.

This will require the establishment of a program that will be led by members of the community.

This will require a leadership team that will build on DHA’s already extensive efforts to build an inclusive, inclusive community, one that is driven by the needs of all people.

The DHA Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Dr. Dina Linsley as the president, the first person of Color to lead a dental program outside of a dental school.

I look forward to working with Dr. Linsly, who will be the face of, a leading provider of online dental care.

She will be working with the Board to ensure that the DBA Board is a leader in its mission to improve the quality of care for its members, as evidenced by the number of DDA members who are enrolled in the program.

The Board of DMA will also begin a dialogue with the American Society of Denture surgeons on how to create a DDA-led national DBA workforce that is more inclusive, diverse, and has a broader reach to achieve our mission of advancing dental care for everyone.

In addition, DBA will continue to work closely with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop a national workforce-centered dental workforce strategy to increase the availability of dentists and dentists-in-training across the nation.

We will continue our commitment to providing dental care to all Americans.

DHA will work with CMS and other federal agencies to identify, evaluate, and prioritize innovative dental programs that will help us achieve our goal of having a workforce-focused DBA program.

We are grateful for the leadership, vision, and commitment of Drs.

Lipsley and Linssey and look forward with excitement to their involvement in the DGA as they work with our Board, DSA members, and the Congress to enact meaningful dental reforms to increase access to dental care in the United Kingdom and the United.

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