How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks during the Super Bowl

By Michael B. HealyThe Associated PressAssociated PressCLEVELAND (AP) — In the Superbowl, a team might have a problem.

In Cleveland, it’s a big problem.

The Cleveland Browns’ season is on the line.

They’ve had their fair share of problems and losses.

But the Browns have been playing well, and their confidence has grown with each win.

“I’m just a huge fan of the guys.

I know the coaches and how they feel about their players,” said cornerback Darian Stewart, who’s playing his first Super Bowl.

“It’s a lot of pressure for a guy to get the first win.

So when I get the chance to play, I’m just trying to make it as difficult as possible.”

The Browns have scored a league-best 13 touchdowns in their last two games.

But Cleveland has allowed a touchdown on just 17.8 percent of its offensive plays and a league low 4.7 yards per play.

The Browns’ defense has been a huge help.

They are allowing only 26.6 points per game and have allowed only nine sacks.

The Browns are allowing the third-fewest points per drive (10.6).

“We’re playing a little bit better than we’ve been playing, and we’re just trying not to take any chances.

That’s just the way the game is,” said safety Brandon Spikes, who has been among the Browns’ best pass-rushers.”

We know we have to play better defense than we’re playing, but we have our chances to win, too.”

The offense has also been the main reason for the team’s success.

The Patriots have scored just 16.2 points per contest in their past three games.

New England has scored 28 points or fewer in seven of its last eight games, including three straight.

The Patriots are averaging 41.3 points per season, which ranks last in the league.

They’re also the only team with a winning record in four of their past five Super Bowls.

The Steelers (19-8) have won the last four.

The Texans are the NFL’s worst offense (36.3), which would rank last in a league with an average of 29.3 per game.

They have scored 26.5 points per team game in their two Super Bowl appearances.

Houston’s defense has also improved.

It’s allowing 23.7 points per games, which is fifth in the NFL.

Houston has allowed the NFL record 577.3 yards per game in the playoffs.

The Texans have allowed 1,921 yards, which would be second in the Superdome.

The Raiders (14-8), Colts (14,8) and Giants (13-8, 3-5) are the only teams with losing records in the past four games.

The Dolphins are 3-1 since losing their first four games of the season.

They haven’t allowed a goal in a game since Nov. 4.

The Seahawks’ defense is the best in the AFC West (4-0) and has been dominant against the run.

They allowed just 2.2 yards per carry against the Broncos on Sunday and have averaged 6.8 yards per rush.

The Colts have allowed just 18 points per NFL regular-season game.

Seattle is third in the division with a 23.2-point average.

The Giants have allowed 2,084 yards per NFL game and rank eighth in the conference.

The Giants have been a solid team against the pass, allowing just 16 passing touchdowns.

The Seahawks have allowed 12.

The Packers are the best rushing offense in the NFC (6-2).

They rank third in rushing (2,908 yards) and are averaging 3.1 yards per rushing attempt.

The Redskins have allowed 4,892 yards in the regular season and are No. 1 in the Western Conference.

Washington has averaged 24.4 points per home game and has allowed only 24.6 per game at FedEx Field.

The Steelers (12-8-1), Saints (11-8; 4-3) and Falcons (11,7) are all 3-0 in their first five games.

The Saints are 4-0.

The Falcons have been solid against the spread, allowing only 29.2 percent of opponents’ field goals, but they’ve allowed just one field goal.

The Cowboys have allowed two of the NFL game’s top six defenses to score in each of the past three seasons.

Dallas is averaging just 13.7 rushing yards per contest, fifth in NFL.

The Chargers have been an elite pass defense (27th in DVOA) in each postseason.

They allow just 10.5 rushing yards and have scored 27 points per win.

The Rams have allowed an NFL-best 10.6 yards per completion.

The Rams have been the league’s worst passing defense.

The Ravens (8-8); Cardinals (7-9); Browns (6,5); Dolphins (5-10) and Patriots (4

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