4 new programs added to Maryland’s Medicaid program

A few dozen people, mostly men, are being added to a newly launched Maryland Medicaid program, the Maryland Department of Health said Monday.

The Maryland Medicaid Program is a $2.2 billion program designed to cover low-income people who live in the state’s rural counties.

That program, created in 2014, has been plagued by a lack of funding, and the Maryland legislature has made significant cuts to the program in recent years.

Now, the state will offer some of those people Medicaid coverage for the first time, Gov.

Larry Hogan announced.

The new Medicaid program will cover the average person’s medical expenses for the next three years, and cover the cost of prescriptions for those who have not had prescriptions filled or have not filled their prescriptions, Hogan said in a statement.

The program will also cover the costs of a home health aide, dental care, hospitalization, and prescription drugs.

Hogan added that the program will provide additional financial assistance for individuals who need assistance with their health care.

“This program will bring a whole new level of services to Maryland,” he said.

“For example, we’ll be able to provide dental care to those who can’t afford it,” Hogan said.

Maryland already offers Medicaid to low- and moderate-income individuals in several counties.

But Hogan announced Monday that the state is extending Medicaid coverage to those in rural counties, a move that is aimed at helping more low-wage workers get health insurance.

Marylanders who live near counties that are currently underserved have been left out of Medicaid, Hogan announced, because of a lack, or lack of understanding, of how to apply for Medicaid.

The program has been funded by a combination of federal dollars, local taxes and private donations, Hogan’s office said.

The state will provide money to counties for operating costs, but that will only cover about 5 percent of the program’s total costs.

Hull said Maryland will continue to provide health care to low income residents.

“We have a lot of people who have been working hard to get insurance, and they’ve been left behind,” he told reporters.

“They’re working on their degrees, but they don’t have the financial resources to pay for insurance.

That’s why I think the Medicaid expansion is a big step in helping them get coverage.”

The program is expected to cost about $30 million over the next two years, Hogan added.

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